Large Daisy - Watercolour.
Waiting for the tide - Watercolour.
Country stream - Watercolour.
Kingfisher - Watercolour.
Koi carp - Watercolour.
Chamelion - Watercolour.
Looking for food - Watercolour.
Glass - Watercolour.
Mountain reflections - Watercolour.
Deer Tatton Park - watercolour
Idyllic Hebredies
lorro park
Liner Marco polo -Watercolour
sunset at Lindisfarne -Watercolour
elephant's - Watercolour
Best of friends - Watercolour.
All aboard-watercolour
Liverpool - watercolour
Autumn Leaves-watercolour
Proud Nation-acrylic
Penguin baby-watercolour
Arctic Explorer-watercolour
Port Isaac-acrylic
Voyager - watercolour
Santorini - watercolour
Chimney Sweep-watercolour
Whats for Tea? - watercolour
Derelict Farm house - Watercolour.
croft outer hebrides watercolour.jpg
Mixed pencil.
Puffin - watercolour
Life goes on day after day, pen and wash
Call the AA - pen and wash
Speke Hall - watercolour
Jar of Flowers study - Watercolour.
Street scene  - Watercolour.
Speke Hall - Watercolour.
Swimming Turtle - Watercolour
Ferry on the Mersey - Watercolour.
Anglesey - Watercolour.
Swan - Watercolour.
Poppy field - Watercolour.
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